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Eye Examinations

Union Eye Works is pleased to offer state of the art comprehensive eye examinations performed by Dr. Ryan Trimble.

Regular eye examinations are a critical part of your preventative health routine. Aside from correcting problems with visual accomodation, a comprehensive eye examination includes a thorough review of medical and ocular history, as well as evaluating the health of your eyes.

Did you know…?

Aside from ocular diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, many systemic diseases (including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and more) can be identified early through a comprehensive eye health evaluation? Early detection is critical in preventing vision loss from a wide range of diseases and eye disorders.

Every comprehensive eye examination performed at Union Eye Works includes at least the following components:

  • Review of Ocular History
  • Review of Medical History
  • Review of Family Ocular and Medical Histories
  • Review of Social History
  • Visual Acuity Evaluation
  • Color Vision Evaluation
  • Pupillary Reflex
  • Gross Visual Field Evaluation
  • Extra-Ocular Muscle Fuction
  • External Eye Health Evaluation
  • Internal Eye Health Evaluation
  • Glaucoma Evaluation
    • Our Marco M3 non-contact Tonometer delivers the gentlest air puff on the market today to quickly and accuratly measure the pressure inside your eyes.
  • Retinal Photography
    • Utilizing a state of the art Marco AFC-330 non-mydriatic fundus camera. The AFC-330 is capable of 3D Stereo Analysis and wide field high-definition panoramic photography, providing unparalled coverage and quality.
  • Refraction
    • Determination of refractive errors and best correction with eyeglass or contact lenses
  • Evaluation of Accommodative Ability
    • aka “reading prescription.” Determination of ability to accommodate to close-up vision and best correction.
  • Thorough evaluation of ocular conditions including:
    • Amblyopia (aka “lazy eye”;¬†an uncorrectable decrease in vision in one or both eyes)
    • Stabismus (aka “eye turn”
    • Double Vision
  • Check for ocular manifestations or complications from systemic diseases including
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • High Cholesterol
    • Stroke
    • and many more…
  • Contact Lens Evaluation (Optional)